About Us

Yi Yi is a platform dedicated to the art of literary translation towards Chinese language. It is open to translators, publishers, students, and academics and to global readers who enjoy discovering literary landscapes from around the world. While we focus on translation mostly from all languages to Chinese we occasionally cover translation from Chinese to other languages.

Yi Yi promotes quality literary translation by:

  • demonstrating the art and technique of literary translation
  • discussing theories of literary translation in a spirit of diversity and respect of differences
  • interviewing and profiling translation practitioners including professional literary translators, students and academics to share best practice and innovative ideas
  • -interviewing foreign literature publishers
  • interviewing writers who are translated or who also work as translators
  • reviewing articles, books, online platforms and events related to literary translation
  • reviewing grant opportunities for translators, educators and publishers as well as professional education opportunities for translators, students and academics
  • promoting and providing training around literary translation
  • presenting original work in translation for the pleasure of global readers
  • facilitating a cross-culture exchange

Yi Yi operates as on online platform predominantly in Chinese, French and English with limited content in other languages including Czech, Russian, Spanish, Uzbek and Japanese.

Yi Yi is also associated to media, higher education and cultural organizations worldwide to promote and facilitate exchanges, events, publications and literary translations.

The initiators of Yi Yi are Meng Mei and Filip Noubel, both based in Beijing.

mei 14.4. BROCHURE1Meng Mei is a French citizen born in Beijing and initiated to French language at a very early age thanks to a special language school, Beijing Bai Dui Zi that introduced her to French language and literature and changed her life forever. French degree of Beijing University. Her passion is literary translation from French to Chinese. She has translated and helped publish Marcel Proust, Milan Kundera, Françoise Sagan, Olivier Rolin, J-B Pontalis. She is actively involved in promoting cultural events and exchanges linking China and France. She is also leading a career  of consultant in international business that took her to live in China, Hong Kong, and France . She is currently based in Beijing.


Filip  photo1Filip Noubel grew up in Central Asia in a French-Czech family and was educated in Tokyo, Paris, Prague and Beijing in East Asian and Slavonic languages and translation studies. After graduating he started a career as a film and media translator and literature professor in Central Europe. Later he moved to Central and South Asia to work in media development. Since 2006 he has been based in Beijing conducting communication research work, organizing cultural events and learning more languages. As a literary translator Noubel has translated Russian poetry (Marina Tsvetaeva) and late 17th century travelers of Central Asia. Noubel divides his time between Beijing, Kathmandu and Prague.
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