May Issue

I am not sure the word brave is the best to define myself, but most writers do not write the way I do, and yet all I have achieved amounts to very little. If we compare Chinese and Russian literature, the difference is as striking as the one between night and day….Read more


It’s the first Day of life for our digital magazine. Today the world is a global garden full of blooming flowers and weeds thus translation is a critical tool for its exploration. Good quality translation is an essential condition and the goal of this online magazine is precisely to explore the art of translation. For our first issue, we have invited the Chinese author Yan Lianke to share with us how he relates to literary translation, and asked French author Oliver Rolin to share his thoughts about language and translation. Other translators, including Zhong Zhiqing, the Chinese translator of Amos Oz, as well as translators based in Prague, New York and Beijing also share how they work. We hope that translation professionals and fans alike will be able to learn, compare and discuss the art of translation, and feel the beauty of language as well as identify how it can be improved. Only time will tell if this website is successful, thus we very much appreciate your feedback and support.
Meng Mei and Filip Noubel.


Beautiful translations are like beautiful women, that is to say, they are not always the most faithful ones.

George Steiner in After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation


In October 1994, a Professor from a Tel Aviv University brought a delegation to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and signed an agreement with Ru Xin…Read more


Olivier Rolin
Once I heard someone – it was the poet and philosopher Michel Deguy, but perhaps he was quoting another writer…Read more